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Surgical mask (also called hygiene mask or 3-ply mask 3PLY) is a mask worn by health professionals during a surgical procedure intended to prevent contamination by respiratory tract.

Used to protect against possible infections or against air pollution. A surgical mask is not designed to protect the wearer against inhalation of bacteria or viral particles suspended in the air, for better protection for the wearer you should better see our N95 FFP2 model.

When it is well worn, its effectiveness in containing the dispersion of droplets during a sneeze is effective (see the video), it therefore makes it possible to limit the transmission of airborne viruses (influenza, coronavirus ...) by infected people. In contexts, countries or regions with low vaccination coverage by healthcare professionals or patients, or with variable efficacy of the vaccine, wearing a surgical mask is one of the means of preventing or reducing the spread of this type of epidemic. 

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in confined spaces (inside buildings) 1, for example the widespread use (patients, staff, visitors) of surgical masks in hospitals makes it possible to significantly reduce the risk of nosocomial flu2, but in open space (outside) its interest is low

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